psol_popartPrimo Sol is the creative outlet for the New Jersey based guitar player, singer, composer and producer George Senger. In efforts to separate his other endeavors from his solo musical journeys, George works under the name Primo Sol, meaning First Sun.

He cut his teeth in the late 90s playing the NJ Shore scene as a dependable session player and side-man, handling lead and rhythm guitar duties for various bands. Additionally he has played various session recording gigs for producers and bands alike, as well as compose and record music for commercials, the web and radio. During the years of his playing the role of side-man, he has amassed a large collection of songs written, but never recorded or released. The time had come for him to take the reigns and step to the front and finally record and release songs both old and new, alasĀ Primo Sol was born.

Outside of Primo Sol, he still plays the role of side-man and sometime singer in the hard rock group the Paper Army, as well as the band Mister Nobody.