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Butch’s Place

Released: May 2015 (Copyright © 2015 Primo-Sol, Music/Lyrics: G. Senger [BMI])
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This is the first original release under Primo Sol. Butch’s Place is a bluesy, rock ballad  about a humble, ramshackle roadhouse where the music lives. Inspired by “Butch’s Place,” which was discovered on a journey to the south in a more innocent age sometime ago and had never been recorded for various reasons. I finally found the time to arrange and perform it the way I always heard it in my head. The song also features Sarah Schoen on the female, lead vocal part.

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Maria Durch ein Dornwald Ging

Released: December 2014 (Copyright © 2014 Primo-Sol, Music: G. Senger [BMI])
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This is the second installment of my yearly Christmas songs. This year I decided to arrange and record a traditional German folk carol called Maria Durch ein Dornwald Ging (Mary Wandered Through a Wood of Thorns). This song features the vocal talents of the supremely talented Sarah Schoen.

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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Released: December 2013 (Copyright © 2013 Primo-Sol, Music: G. Senger [BMI])

A few years ago, because I am a big fan of Christmas, I decided to arrange and  record a Christmas song. This resulted in the recording of this version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. I enjoyed the process so much, I decided to start a tradition and record one every year.